Art Representation

Art Appraisal



Art historians and professional art appraisers at Kingsfield Law Office provide art valuation and consultation services to art collectors, museums, galleries, and insurance companies.

We perform fair market value appraisals on modern and contemporary artworks, oriental objects (antiques, artworks, and crafts), and rare books for art sales and charitable donations.

Art Law


Kingsfield Law Office practices art law which involves multiple legal areas that protect, regulates and facilitates the creation, use, and marketing of art.

Kingsfield attorneys specialize in intellectual property, contract, torts, tax, and commercial and international law to protect the interests of our clients: artists, collectors, art dealers, and museums.



Copyright gives those who invest the skill and effort to create original work the right to prevent others from copying them. Copyright does not cover ideas and information but instead the form or manner in which they are expressed. Kingsfield Law assists clients with copyright registration, licensing, enforcement and defense. Our attorneys have experience handling copyright issues related to artists, authors, and photographers and companies that employ these creatives.

For more information on copyrights for artists in the US, click here.