Nathan H. Madson

Nathan H. Madson

Of Counsel



Nathan H. Madson is an educator, interdisciplinary scholar, and human rights advocate. His
research addresses the work of LGBTQ+ activists in Hong Kong and their engagement with
human rights discourses and law. He is particularly interested in the ways in which activists
navigate and redefine the local and the transnational.

Madson’s work was funded by the National Science Foundation, Law & Social Sciences

Currently, Madson is working on his second book: When Human Rights Won’t Work: LGBT
Activisms in Hong Kong after the Umbrella Movement. He is also the co-author of Inside China’s Legal System and his work has appeared in the National Lawyers Guild Review. Prior to
graduate school, Madson co-founded an organization to provide free legal services to
marginalized queer and trans people in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. He is committed to research,
education, and advocacy that is collaborative, transformative, and accessible to all.



  • Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, New York University (2021)
  • M.Phil. in Cultural Anthropology, New York University (2017)
  • J.D. in International Human Rights Law, University of Minnesota (2011)
  • B.A. in International Affairs, The George Washington University (2008)