The Middle Way: America and China – broadcasted out of Honolulu – a location halfway between China and the U.S. – is a program which shares the unique perspectives of three global thinkers – who with their experiences share audiences with perspectives about the intricacies of the complex U.S.- China relationship. Amassing a wealth of experience– the three have lived and worked on both sides of the world— and mid-way— they have amazingly found the people of both countries share more similarities than differences.

As we live in the 21st Century, these global thinkers enlighten audiences with their experiences and perspectives about the world’s most important relationship – the U.S.-China relationship. The relationship is more than just the world’s two leading economies – for the relationship affects everyone globally – the lives and livelihood of people globally are affected daily by this relationship. This relationship has far reaching dimensions than just a trade relationship as accentuated even more so by the current pandemic. Share in with what’s going on daily and weekly between the world’s two largest economies in this ever-changing, complex and intricate relationship. The U.S.-China relationship, something we all need to know and learn more about, is here bi-weekly on The Middle Way.

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