Episode 17: Expert Opinions – Education and Technology

Aug 30, 2021 | The Middle Way

Carlos Seoane is co-founder and CEO of Extempore, a language-learning platform being used by hundreds of schools and universities around the world. Carlos co-founded Extempore for facilitating linguistic growth and awareness for all language learners in the US and abroad. In this episode, Carlos shares his extensive experience working with software products, why and how he started a company in education, and the COVID’s impact on education. Carlos shares his thoughts on whether American and European children should begin to learn Chinese language, and comments on the sudden Chinese policy change on after-school education and training.

Education is the passport to the future; what will the future education look like; how many if not most of the changes that came with COVID are irreversible?

No ignorance and prejudice cannot be cured by learning a foreign language.